Bartender on board

Group activities to learn and enjoy


  • Gin Tonics and Premium Combinations
  • Mojitos, Caipirhinas and Tropical Cocktails
  • Appetizers and Cocktails with Cava
  • Cocktails with Coffee and Teas
  • Molecular Cocktail (nitro / spherification)

Tastings & Pairs:

  • Beers, cheeses, jams and breads
  • Wines, cheeses, marmalades and artisan breads
  • Wines with D.O. With Iberian ham to the cut
  • Whisky and Chocolates


It is the integral organization of one of our activities but introducing in it values such as:

  • Competitiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Creation
  • Implementation of systems
  • Learning capacity

With this we get a very enriching experience for both the participants and the representatives of their work team, since the skills and attitudes of each participant are at stake.

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