It is very fashionable to add the psychology within the human resources of the companies and …. they are not mistaken !!

When the managers of a company realize that:

  • How much more united are their departments (the human teams they trust).
  • How much more make them feel that they are part of a great team.
  • How much more do they get involved in the development and results of the company.

the RESULTS are always positive.

That is why, from Boats & Events, we know how to make work teams, with certain relationship difficulties, able to feel:

  • Importants
  • Uniteds with the rest of the group.
  • Capables of delegating
  • Confidents on his companions
  • Responsables
  • Proactives
  • Happys

We organize different Team Building actions. Perhaps the most fruitful are corporative regattas. Although a good party sailing, with Disc Jockey or live music or a show of humor and good catering also have their good effect !!!

To reward properly, and as it deserves, the most productive staff of the company, we have aquatic activities that you can enjoy along with the rest of the team that wants it. The rest can stay on board with good music and baths on the high seas.

Experiences full of adrenaline and as unforgettable as their good work developed within the company !!!


Thans for work with us!!!

Company events onboard the best boats of the Mediterranean.


And, whether you book online or request a quote by mail …. trust our organization !!! We are one of the few expert companies in this area since 2005!